Sailing a Triangle Route Test

Triangle Plans

Today or tomorrow I am going out to run a three day triangle route to test new polars, a new routing program, and the latest tweaks to the mainsail rigging. All of this subject to the tyranny of the to-do list and post election lethargy.

I am already impressed with Fast Seas and hoping that it will become a phone based app in addition to having a browser based interface. Fast Seas isn’t intended for coastal cruising, and is a wonderful assist none the less. It takes the drudgery (and certain classes of human error) out of the process.

Of course it is dependent on the polar’s for your boat. (A set of numbers that talk about how your boat performs at different points of sail at different wind speeds.) I used iPolar to generate a starting point. I think iPolar is optimistic and certainly did not have this boat in mind when wen coded. This is of course the reason for testing and a good reason to get going to day. (Things keep jumping back onto the ToDo list – this post for example is a rewrite. The first copy vanished into the ether. Yes that happens to me too, sometimes.)

Triangle Route

About my Triangle route. The first stop is an anchorage across the Chesapeake behind Kiptopeke Breakwater (aka Concrete Ships). This anchorage is just north of a wildlife preserve at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula. My numbers have this as a 4 to five hour run. The routing software has it as a 3 hour run (but it doesn’t include the overhead at both ends – it can’t handle narrow channel work). Therefore I consider us to be in agreement, more or less.

The second stop will take me back across the Chesapeake to Mobjack Bay, up the river past Mobjack itself to a place that Active Captain labels as East River – 2.

The final stop will be back at Hampton Va.

That’s all for now, my phone just jumped back onto the todo list. Verizon rolled out a system update and the battery is flat. I have to make sure the phone is operational (and charged) before I head out, it being an alternate means of communication.

That’s all for now.