The Triangle Route

In an effort to shake off the post election depression I have been laying out a triangle route. This exercise is to test out the new set of polars for the Saturna, a new piece of routing software (Fast Seas), and the latest tweaks to the mainsail rigging.

This route will take me across the Chesapeake Bay to the Delmarva Peninsula. My destination is Kiptopeke State Park,  an artificial harbor (aka The Concrete Ships) at the edge of a wildlife preserve.

From The Ships, most likely on the following day I will proceed north west back across the Chesapeake to Mobjack Bay. I plan to spend the night anchored way up the East River at an anchorage called East River – 2 (Active Captain).

The third leg of the trip will take me south back to Hampton Piers.

I hope to get off Friday, and we will see. I still have things on my to do list and it is 9:20 already.