The final arbiter is the sea – Seaworthy(ness)

That being said, the final arbiter is the sea.

Not all vessels that survive are seaworthy, by any reasonable standard. Nor are all vessels that founderĀ unseaworthy. Luck can see the one through and exceed the limits of the other.

Too much obsession with perfection, and we stay anchored to shore. Too little, and we risk becoming a bottom feature. We seek a balance; the reasonable mean.

In my view, this can’t be done by polling opinions, no matter how informed. To stifle doubt under press of favorable reviews; to fret and chafe under collective ‘wisdom’. Neither avail.

We must earn our own opinion.

Read the books and digest their content. Learn from those willing to teach. Start small – take our baby steps with searoom to fall and fail. Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and take another step. Practice our maneuvers, review them and learn. Practice some more. Learn to reach. Learn to run.


from TrioBoat Talk: Seaworthy? It’s Complicated