To sleep nights -Anchor Roller Design sketch 1

Staying up nights to sleep nights (part 1)

Staying up nights

I enjoy the challenge of design work, and I find the work pleasing. It is also demanding.  The particular design I am working on is challenging because it is one of the few shortcomings of the Saturna as built. Specifically the metal work on the bow rollers while elegant and well executed is not tough enough for the life I live. The Evening Light spends her nights anchored in a rather exposed portion of the river known as the Tapan Zee. This is a wide stretch of river between the Tapan Zee bridge and Hook Mountain. It can get really rough, particularly in a NorEaster where there is a lot of fetch and the mountain funnels the wind right down the river.


We put the Evening light away carefully before the storm, and she was still there after. Not everybody in the field was, still there that is. Nothing like Sandy, in part because we upgraded the mooring systems. However, either we forgot to set the pin that locks the pendants in place, or it worked loose. The former probably, we were tired and I don’t remember double checking.


That pin not only keeps the pendant from jumping off the roller but it provides some structural support. Specifically it shares the load across all three vertical pieces of metal in the anchor roller (I will add photos next time I am at the boat). Without this additional strength the most starboard piece of stainless bent flat and nearly tore off. As a result the starboard roller took a dive and now lives in the mud below. Fortunately, because of the way both the boat and the mooring system was designed, the other pendant took all the load, and held (otherwise the escaped pendant would have sawed through rail and bulwark (ouch).


Sleeping nights

Though it is hard to tell from the sketch (I am not a draftsman, something I have been reminded of by those who are, and to whose skill I bow to) the new anchor roller system is much stronger and it will actually carry an anchor.


Pendants from a fixed mooring will run through the hawse pipes, as we did for the rest of the season. I am adding some gear from New England Ropes to make this easier and more reliable.


Sleeping nights involves a lot of over design. More details and pictures to follow. I have the winch clamped down to the table in my workroom and I am working out the details.


More on this when I have pictures, and more information (in a useable form).