Remembering (Why I’m Here)

It is really interesting how hard it is to shake the have to be there on schedule thing. I was bustling around the dock this morning getting ready to leave as all the big power boats shoved off. I found getting all wound up telling myself that if we don’t get off in the next hour or so we won’t get to¬†Oriental, NC tonight. It took me a while to remember the proper answer to that thought is so what. There are anchorages at clustered along the route at one third and two thirds of the way there. The most that could be effected is our ability to hit Moorhead City, and head out to sea on the same day, which is probably not a good idea any how

The issues is a heavy rain shower, it’s clearing the fog nicely but the visibility isn’t increasing as much as I would like. So I am sitting here sipping a tea from a cup that says “I cannot live without books” on the rim (a gift from a dear friend) and munching on trail mix. The sound of the rain on the coach house roof is relaxing. (Interesting side note, the large cabin on this boat seems to amplify the sound of the rain … usually delightful.

While I was hear in Belhaven I found a wonderful restaurant “Spoon River Artworks and Market”. It was worth the trip, the food was wonderful, the service fantastic, just plain relaxing meal. Something worth remembering.

Still raining. Time to write I think.