Teaching again

It’s a relief to emerge from the monastic life found deep in the bilges of finely drawn boats, an important life, keeping the boat on the right side of the water, but these days a lonely life. Which makes the sharing of the tradition of sailing with those new to the beauty just that much […]

Matching Gel Coat for Fiberglass Repairs

This post comes via Windborne in Puget Sound (I am a regular reader). The product is from Fiberlay and while I haven’t tried it yet, the next time I drill a hole (soon) I am buying a can of their product. Windborne has some specific advice on application that is worth reading. I will post when I […]

Nights Windlass

Staying up nights to sleep nights – Windlass (part 2)

I do my best work at night. Nights, or perhaps more correctly the early hours of the morning can be a very productive time, and dawn with its quiet bird chorus, soothing. And soothing is good. This windlass design is proving to be a real challenge. Up nights – Fall Storms That last fall nor’easter […]

To sleep nights -Anchor Roller Design sketch 1

Staying up nights to sleep nights (part 1)

Staying up nights I enjoy the challenge of design work, and I find the work pleasing. It is also demanding.  The particular design I am working on is challenging because it is one of the few shortcomings of the Saturna as built. Specifically the metal work on the bow rollers while elegant and well executed […]

Snow Yesterday – Update

Pre launch visit in the snow I went up to visit yesterday, in the snow. Once I found her again, tucked away warm in a back corner of the yard, it was one pleasant surprise after another.   The snow was gone, the ice cube in the bilge had melted, and the pump had survived […]

River River – the Magazine

One of my other projects has been working on River River (a literary magazine). Our first issue is out today.

Take a moment and look, if only at the pictures. The pictures cover a lifetime, some film, some digital….Enjoy.

River River – The Future

Other publications, digital and print to follow. My current favorite is “Where the River Meets the Sea” Inspired by River River and the workshops that River River has sponsored.



Communications – Open Loop Error

I do shore support and communications for my sister Robin. She and her husband sail a boat named after our Aunt Mabel. One of my tasks is to make sure their iridium phone is sending communications every 4 hours. This process has worked for years. It has been reliable enough to keep everybody happy.  And also […]

Soak Your Anchor

It took me a while to learn that too much astern power, applied  too soon, is the problem. It’s a mistake to try to dig the anchor in immediately by pulling hell-for-leather in reverse. The anchor needs to “soak.” It’s not a word you hear mentioned a lot, but once you know it and use it, […]

The final arbiter is the sea – Seaworthy(ness)

That being said, the final arbiter is the sea. Not all vessels that survive are seaworthy, by any reasonable standard. Nor are all vessels that founder unseaworthy. Luck can see the one through and exceed the limits of the other. Too much obsession with perfection, and we stay anchored to shore. Too little, and we risk […]

Boat in Bedroom Assembled

Boat in Bedroom – Trial Assembly

The Boat in Bedroom saga continues. After cutting the little boat in two, not quite half, I cleaned up the edges of the cut, trial fit the gasket, and put her together. It’s no surprise that she fit together, though pleasing. The structural work is almost complete. I have a couple of wooden cleats I […]