Broken Edson Throttle Lever

Broken Again In general the Edson Marine Pedestals are good quality pieces of gear, that being said the throttle lever on the older models is nothing but trouble, they break, or go stiff, or in my case snap the retaining bolt usually at the worst possible moment. Think sticky accelerator in a car with no […]

Sometimes … Stronger is not better.

Stronger is not better, getting the right strength for the challenge ahead is a key. Or how I got bit using schedule 80 pvc pipe (much thicker walled, stronger, and wear resistant than schedule 40 – that what you typically find in house construction) Chain Locker Design One of the weaknesses of my Saturna is […]

In the rain

On … Stepping Through the Door

Stepping through the door is a phrase my sister uses, and perhaps will be the subject of another post. Right now I am comfortably ensconced on the settee in the salon of the Evening Light. Rain is pattering on the coach roof overhead, and thankfully staying on the outside. It is a late November rain, […]

In the hours before dawn (Getting here a voyage in itself)

Getting Here It has been years getting here (this project), finding a boat, purchasing a boat, making the boat safe and legal (and comfortable) … still working on pretty. It has been a lifetime getting here, a life full of blind alleys and distracting turns. And somehow I am finally here, a pretty well found […]

Ian Gunn Thank you – again

Ian was one of those very focused individuals (background) who are a privilege  to know (and it was a bit scary at the time). I knew him as a mechanic, hands on engineer, and motorcycle road racer. We never shared the sailing side of my life … something I would do differently, Ian would have loved to […]

There is some sort of natural law that says when you get out the gear and start to drill holes in your foredeck that the weather will go sour. I hope that people don’t blame me for all the bad weather lately. I am in the process of installing my windlass.

Drill structural mount holes. Check basic fit. Cast initial pads. Overdrill. Epoxy fill. redrill. Check fit. Drill additional holes for chain, and power cables. Realize that the plug for the remote control pendant can be mounted inside the v-birth and the pendant can be snaked out of the fore hatch and be in the right place. One less set of holes to drill, fill, redrill, five for the through hull of the pendant.

Yesterday the wind kicked up the river so that it was too bumpy to work, even at the dock. We are not sheltered here. I miss having a dockyard within walking distance.

Time to pull on the epoxy stained clothes, bring the boat in, and drill some more holes. Reminding myself all the time that this is the next to the last “drill a lot of holes” project. Have to remember to ask for help on the next one. That one big hole near the stern….

After Father’s Day, Waiting for Thunderstorms

Today I am looking out at the yellow stained morning, yellow is not a good color to see here by the river, storm often follows. On that note the forecasts I follow are divided on how badly and when. The worst case sees 30 knots roaring out of the north. If there is no electrical […]