Snow Yesterday – Update

Pre launch visit in the snow

I went up to visit yesterday, in the snow. Once I found her again, tucked away warm in a back corner of the yard, it was one pleasant surprise after another.


The snow was gone, the ice cube in the bilge had melted, and the pump had survived (I did have to replace a fuse, and that is what fuses are for). The big solar panel was free of snow and had topped off the battery nicely. The first time I’ve seen a 100% charge in months. I still have some mounting issues to resolve, and I am pleased.

 Today – no snow

Today is frigid. It is nearly ten am and the temperature has yet to break freezing. Even my normally toasty warm office is chilly.

Today I do zincs, bottom paint touchup, transducer painting, Trying out the cardboard anchor model so I can finish the design for the new anchor rollers. One of the few design flaws is that the roller brackets on this boat are just plain wimpy, odd on a boat that is otherwise so rugged in its details, and well thought out. (The cockpit drain plumbing aside – more work to do there – and it’s a boat)

I’m still trying to work out if I want a second chart plotter, and I have decided that the unit I have isn’t going to get more expensive so I should just try for a month or two of real sailing (not enough of that last year) before I make a judgement. Parts for mounting the current unit in the cockpit are on the way.

Running out of things to loose sleep over, yes.

And as I am writing this, I just got a note from Beneteau America welcoming Spring. Optimists. (Ok my other boat is a Beneteau a wonderful little shoal draft day sailer/weekender – all of 23 feet long).


Enough delay … off to fetch the rented jeep (with Quebec plates and kilometers on the speedometer – mph in fine print – but it has a wheel on each corner and it starts – the critical things in life)


At least there isn’t snow today, and yesterday’s snow didn’t stick, it was warmer then.