In the hours before dawn (Getting here a voyage in itself)

Getting Here

It has been years getting here (this project), finding a boat, purchasing a boat, making the boat safe and legal (and comfortable) … still working on pretty. It has been a lifetime getting here, a life full of blind alleys and distracting turns.

And somehow I am finally here, a pretty well found boat waiting at anchor, planned for Friday … fuel, clothing, food, and crew remain to be loaded. Chores, and lose ends also remain and the voyage is quietly inevitable, and if you had asked me last week if that were possible, I might have laughed, or cried … and I am here now thanks to the support of a small circle of family and close friends. And my mind is quiet … sleep soon … thank you all.

Moving Forward

Now I can sail under the bridges, The Tappan Zee, The George Washington, and Verrazano–Narrows, out past Sandy Hook turning right (south) for a change and keeping the Jersey shore on my right until it becomes the Delmarva, and then the mouth of the Chesapeake where this initial phase of the voyage will pause … at least that is the plan.

Getting here – Going there

Now that I have got here, in the foothills of a dream, it is time to push on. I plan to write both here, and provide pieces for (A wonderful little online magazine that I have the privilege to be part of). And there are pictures to take, things to learn, things to teach.

So please follow me, here, or on Facebook, or through and write back. I have been a hermit the last season or so, just working away on projects. It is time to get back into the world to find new energy to bring back into these projects and to dream new dreams.