The Heron Didn’t Fly

I have spent most of the summer at anchor off Nyack, NY and part of the rest of the time tied up to the Nyack Boat Club dock. There is a great blue heron that sleeps through the nights on the dolphin just north of the pier. All summer I have been trying to capture a picture of this magnificent bird and the moment the boat moves, say when I am reaching for the camera, he takes flight. It’s a beautiful sight, long broad wings stroking powerfully through the air.

This chilly morning he was still there, feathers fluffed up and disarrayed against the cold. He stared at me, saying perhaps, it’s too cold to be elegant, please respect that. And I did, nodding his direction as I walked up the ramp and headed off for breakfast with one of my dearest friends.

Tomorrow, just before dawn, I head out into the river and turn south, in hope of find a warmer place to spend this winter. Perhaps next winter I will spend the next winter here, warmed by the love of my friends. I miss them already.