Hampton Va. – Fall 2016

Currently in Hampton VA. I was hoping to sail across to the eastern shore to look at the bird life in the marshes at the end of the Delmarva. There is an interesting anchorage over there behind a line of sunken concrete ships. It is however quite windy (I am seeing 15-20 knots in this very sheltered anchorage) and there are reports of a 3-4 foot chop out in the bay. Another day perhaps.
I am always astounded by how flat and low this land is, here in the Tidewater. Apparently it is not just sea level rise but the land here is sinking because so much fresh water has been pumped out for industry and drinking. The local government is experimenting with pumping purified sewage water back into the ground to help reverse this trend.
Back to writing, with an eye on the weather. It would be nice to get out for a sail.