Triangle Route (Smaller than Imagined)

The Route Day One: I motored up to Back River and wound my way up the channel. I found my way to the anchorage, tucked behind several lines of crab posts. (Approximate location) Sunday evening it was as quiet as you can imagine. There was no wind and I could hear sounds in the boat I […]

Sailing a Triangle Route Test

Triangle Plans Today or tomorrow I am going out to run a three day triangle route to test new polars, a new routing program, and the latest tweaks to the mainsail rigging. All of this subject to the tyranny of the to-do list and post election lethargy. I am already impressed with Fast Seas and hoping […]

Hampton Va. – Fall 2016

Currently in Hampton VA. I was hoping to sail across to the eastern shore to look at the bird life in the marshes at the end of the Delmarva. There is an interesting anchorage over there behind a line of sunken concrete ships. It is however quite windy (I am seeing 15-20 knots in this […]