Alternator Blues

Pungo Creek, NC Alternator Blues, imagine a bad Blues song that never ends. Two days ago we headed south from Belhaven in about 15 knots of wind, gusting to twenty. The wind from the north, behind us. It just right for a quick down wind run along the Pungo Creek, past Winsteadville and Makleyville, and across […]

True silence – so quiet you can hear the world, and yourself. It happened again yesterday as I was sailing, ghosting really, north along the Pungo River. The Evening Light moves gracefully on wind that you can barely feel, not making a sound. Wings hard slapping on water as a duck takes to the air is a cannon shot. Someone a mile or more away is working a chainsaw, and I use the term working very lightly here, it buzzes every few minutes, a giant insect, deep in the forest on the far side of the river.

The wind whispers to the boat, and the boat speaks through the wheel, point up, a little more, now down, follow that puff, there you go. An hour or so of this and even your thoughts go quiet and just drink in the world around you. The desert mirage like mirroring of trees, distant floating above their reflection with imagined sky between. The dome of the sky, white becoming blue, over head. The whisper of wind over feathers, osprey soaring somewhere under the blue. Even the fish are silent.

In the end even this gentle wind fades and we have to start the motor, have to get to modern communications and deal with “real” world issues … fixing said motor. And the soul remembers the quiet, the true silence.


Remembering (Why I’m Here)

It is really interesting how hard it is to shake the have to be there on schedule thing. I was bustling around the dock this morning getting ready to leave as all the big power boats shoved off. I found getting all wound up telling myself that if we don’t get off in the next […]

Broken Edson Throttle Lever

Broken Again In general the Edson Marine Pedestals are good quality pieces of gear, that being said the throttle lever on the older models is nothing but trouble, they break, or go stiff, or in my case snap the retaining bolt usually at the worst possible moment. Think sticky accelerator in a car with no […]

Sometimes … Stronger is not better.

Stronger is not better, getting the right strength for the challenge ahead is a key. Or how I got bit using schedule 80 pvc pipe (much thicker walled, stronger, and wear resistant than schedule 40 – that what you typically find in house construction) Chain Locker Design One of the weaknesses of my Saturna is […]