Matching Gel Coat for Fiberglass Repairs

This post comes via Windborne in Puget Sound (I am a regular reader). The product is from Fiberlay and while I haven’t tried it yet, the next time I drill a hole (soon) I am buying a can of their product. Windborne has some specific advice on application that is worth reading. I will post when I […]

Nights Windlass

Staying up nights to sleep nights – Windlass (part 2)

I do my best work at night. Nights, or perhaps more correctly the early hours of the morning can be a very productive time, and dawn with its quiet bird chorus, soothing. And soothing is good. This windlass design is proving to be a real challenge. Up nights – Fall Storms That last fall nor’easter […]

To sleep nights -Anchor Roller Design sketch 1

Staying up nights to sleep nights (part 1)

Staying up nights I enjoy the challenge of design work, and I find the work pleasing. It is also demanding.  The particular design I am working on is challenging because it is one of the few shortcomings of the Saturna as built. Specifically the metal work on the bow rollers while elegant and well executed […]