Soak Your Anchor

It took me a while to learn that too much astern power, applied  too soon, is the problem. It’s a mistake to try to dig the anchor in immediately by pulling hell-for-leather in reverse. The anchor needs to “soak.” It’s not a word you hear mentioned a lot, but once you know it and use it, […]

The final arbiter is the sea – Seaworthy(ness)

That being said, the final arbiter is the sea. Not all vessels that survive are seaworthy, by any reasonable standard. Nor are all vessels that founder unseaworthy. Luck can see the one through and exceed the limits of the other. Too much obsession with perfection, and we stay anchored to shore. Too little, and we risk […]

Boat in Bedroom Assembled

Boat in Bedroom – Trial Assembly

The Boat in Bedroom saga continues. After cutting the little boat in two, not quite half, I cleaned up the edges of the cut, trial fit the gasket, and put her together. It’s no surprise that she fit together, though pleasing. The structural work is almost complete. I have a couple of wooden cleats I […]

Evening Light on the Hard

Evening Light – First Impressions

This is Evening Light as I first saw her, sitting at the back of a commercial yard in Kingston Ontario. The yard was bustling, full of energy. Boats were being built and refurbished, chunky powerful mostly shallow draft fire boats. They were crafted from aluminum and fire, welded seams, and big functional topsides. Fascinating stuff. […]