In the hours before dawn (Getting here a voyage in itself)

Getting Here It has been years getting here (this project), finding a boat, purchasing a boat, making the boat safe and legal (and comfortable) … still working on pretty. It has been a lifetime getting here, a life full of blind alleys and distracting turns. And somehow I am finally here, a pretty well found […]

Snow Yesterday – Update

Pre launch visit in the snow I went up to visit yesterday, in the snow. Once I found her again, tucked away warm in a back corner of the yard, it was one pleasant surprise after another.   The snow was gone, the ice cube in the bilge had melted, and the pump had survived […]

In the cut

Two Boats Cut from One

To cut two boats from one, a boat of your own construction no less. That’s what I did during the big “storm” earlier in the week. In the life of one who tinkers with boats there comes the time where one has to do something that is difficult if not impossible to undo. Sometimes it is […]

Rail (ing) against the Hull

After the shell is filleted and glassed (interior), rails are added to the exterior. Two strips of hardwood are glued against the shear line of the hull (upper edge, when she is sitting in the water). The hardwood goes on in two strips so it can be bent without breaking which is a good thing because the […]

Epoxy – 1st coat, interior going on

Here is Shane applying epoxy to the fiberglass interior. I am always amazed as the white opaque cloth becomes (and stays) clear. It always seems like magic. This pram is built from a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. It’s a nesting dingy that should fit on the coach roof of the Evening Light. I bought […]

The First Entry

Beginnings are hard, directions unknown, even the questions have yet to reveal themselves. This is the account of a voyage, long postponed, a dream from childhood on the verge of happening. There is a boat involved, and friends. What more could one ask. Yours, D