In the rain

On … Stepping Through the Door

Stepping through the door is a phrase my sister uses, and perhaps will be the subject of another post. Right now I am comfortably ensconced on the settee in the salon of the Evening Light. Rain is pattering on the coach roof overhead, and thankfully staying on the outside. It is a late November rain, […]

In the hours before dawn (Getting here a voyage in itself)

Getting Here It has been years getting here (this project), finding a boat, purchasing a boat, making the boat safe and legal (and comfortable) … still working on pretty. It has been a lifetime getting here, a life full of blind alleys and distracting turns. And somehow I am finally here, a pretty well found […]

Teaching again

It’s a relief to emerge from the monastic life found deep in the bilges of finely drawn boats, an important life, keeping the boat on the right side of the water, but these days a lonely life. Which makes the sharing of the tradition of sailing with those new to the beauty just that much […]

The First Entry

Beginnings are hard, directions unknown, even the questions have yet to reveal themselves. This is the account of a voyage, long postponed, a dream from childhood on the verge of happening. There is a boat involved, and friends. What more could one ask. Yours, D