Alternator Blues

Pungo Creek, NC Alternator Blues, imagine a bad Blues song that never ends. Two days ago we headed south from Belhaven in about 15 knots of wind, gusting to twenty. The wind from the north, behind us. It just right for a quick down wind run along the Pungo Creek, past Winsteadville and Makleyville, and across […]

Broken Edson Throttle Lever

Broken Again In general the Edson Marine Pedestals are good quality pieces of gear, that being said the throttle lever on the older models is nothing but trouble, they break, or go stiff, or in my case snap the retaining bolt usually at the worst possible moment. Think sticky accelerator in a car with no […]

Matching Gel Coat for Fiberglass Repairs

This post comes via Windborne in Puget Sound (I am a regular reader). The product is from Fiberlay and while I haven’t tried it yet, the next time I drill a hole (soon) I am buying a can of their product. Windborne has some specific advice on application that is worth reading. I will post when I […]