Boat in Bedroom Assembled

Boat in Bedroom – Trial Assembly

The Boat in Bedroom saga continues. After cutting the little boat in two, not quite half, I cleaned up the edges of the cut, trial fit the gasket, and put her together. It’s no surprise that she fit together, though pleasing. The structural work is almost complete. I have a couple of wooden cleats I […]

In the cut

Two Boats Cut from One

To cut two boats from one, a boat of your own construction no less. That’s what I did during the big “storm” earlier in the week. In the life of one who tinkers with boats there comes the time where one has to do something that is difficult if not impossible to undo. Sometimes it is […]

Bottom Glassing – Epoxy Application

The next step in the process is to apply fiberglass and epoxy resin to the bottom panel of the hull. One of the important tricks here is to add enough epoxy to saturate the fiberglass (and turn it transparent – white or light gray is bad) without floating it onto of a pool of epoxy […]

Rail (ing) against the Hull

After the shell is filleted and glassed (interior), rails are added to the exterior. Two strips of hardwood are glued against the shear line of the hull (upper edge, when she is sitting in the water). The hardwood goes on in two strips so it can be bent without breaking which is a good thing because the […]

Stitch with Wire and Glue

The dingy is built using a stitch and glue technique. Floppy pieces of plywood are wired together to create form, then epoxy is carefully injected in the seams to make it a shell.           The stitching is done with a soft copper wire, then cut away after the epoxy sets.  

Epoxy – 1st coat, interior going on

Here is Shane applying epoxy to the fiberglass interior. I am always amazed as the white opaque cloth becomes (and stays) clear. It always seems like magic. This pram is built from a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. It’s a nesting dingy that should fit on the coach roof of the Evening Light. I bought […]