In the hours before dawn (Getting here a voyage in itself)

Getting Here It has been years getting here (this project), finding a boat, purchasing a boat, making the boat safe and legal (and comfortable) … still working on pretty. It has been a lifetime getting here, a life full of blind alleys and distracting turns. And somehow I am finally here, a pretty well found […]

Ian Gunn Thank you – again

Ian was one of those very focused individuals (background) who are a privilege  to know (and it was a bit scary at the time). I knew him as a mechanic, hands on engineer, and motorcycle road racer. We never shared the sailing side of my life … something I would do differently, Ian would have loved to […]

Evening Light on the Hard

Evening Light – First Impressions

This is Evening Light as I first saw her, sitting at the back of a commercial yard in Kingston Ontario. The yard was bustling, full of energy. Boats were being built and refurbished, chunky powerful mostly shallow draft fire boats. They were crafted from aluminum and fire, welded seams, and big functional topsides. Fascinating stuff. […]