I’ll save catchup for later, currently I am beginning to pick up stakes for the great migration … still unsure of final destination (this season) but as the storms swing across the Atlantic that will become more clear. And there will be things to write about … and time (he says with fingers crossed).

The Heron Didn’t Fly

I have spent most of the summer at anchor off Nyack, NY and part of the rest of the time tied up to the Nyack Boat Club dock. There is a great blue heron that sleeps through the nights on the dolphin just north of the pier. All summer I have been trying to capture […]

True silence – so quiet you can hear the world, and yourself. It happened again yesterday as I was sailing, ghosting really, north along the Pungo River. The Evening Light moves gracefully on wind that you can barely feel, not making a sound. Wings hard slapping on water as a duck takes to the air is a cannon shot. Someone a mile or more away is working a chainsaw, and I use the term working very lightly here, it buzzes every few minutes, a giant insect, deep in the forest on the far side of the river.

The wind whispers to the boat, and the boat speaks through the wheel, point up, a little more, now down, follow that puff, there you go. An hour or so of this and even your thoughts go quiet and just drink in the world around you. The desert mirage like mirroring of trees, distant floating above their reflection with imagined sky between. The dome of the sky, white becoming blue, over head. The whisper of wind over feathers, osprey soaring somewhere under the blue. Even the fish are silent.

In the end even this gentle wind fades and we have to start the motor, have to get to modern communications and deal with “real” world issues … fixing said motor. And the soul remembers the quiet, the true silence.


Remembering (Why I’m Here)

It is really interesting how hard it is to shake the have to be there on schedule thing. I was bustling around the dock this morning getting ready to leave as all the big power boats shoved off. I found getting all wound up telling myself that if we don’t get off in the next […]

There is some sort of natural law that says when you get out the gear and start to drill holes in your foredeck that the weather will go sour. I hope that people don’t blame me for all the bad weather lately. I am in the process of installing my windlass.

Drill structural mount holes. Check basic fit. Cast initial pads. Overdrill. Epoxy fill. redrill. Check fit. Drill additional holes for chain, and power cables. Realize that the plug for the remote control pendant can be mounted inside the v-birth and the pendant can be snaked out of the fore hatch and be in the right place. One less set of holes to drill, fill, redrill, five for the through hull of the pendant.

Yesterday the wind kicked up the river so that it was too bumpy to work, even at the dock. We are not sheltered here. I miss having a dockyard within walking distance.

Time to pull on the epoxy stained clothes, bring the boat in, and drill some more holes. Reminding myself all the time that this is the next to the last “drill a lot of holes” project. Have to remember to ask for help on the next one. That one big hole near the stern….

After Father’s Day, Waiting for Thunderstorms

Today I am looking out at the yellow stained morning, yellow is not a good color to see here by the river, storm often follows. On that note the forecasts I follow are divided on how badly and when. The worst case sees 30 knots roaring out of the north. If there is no electrical […]

River River – the Magazine

One of my other projects has been working on River River (a literary magazine). Our first issue is out today.

Take a moment and look, if only at the pictures. The pictures cover a lifetime, some film, some digital….Enjoy.

River River – The Future

Other publications, digital and print to follow. My current favorite is “Where the River Meets the Sea” Inspired by River River and the workshops that River River has sponsored.



Communications – Open Loop Error

I do shore support and communications for my sister Robin. She and her husband sail a boat named after our Aunt Mabel. One of my tasks is to make sure their iridium phone is sending communications every 4 hours. This process has worked for years. It has been reliable enough to keep everybody happy.  And also […]

Before and After pictures

Before and after pictures of shorefront from NOAA. The pictures. The after pictures show snow on the ground, so I have to assume that where there is no snow there was running water deep enough or warm enough to remove the snow. The After pictures are a little scary, and a good reminder of the power of wind driven water. Something we should respect.

 Quiet Preservation

The After pictures once again reveal my Great Aunt’s decision to build well back from the shore, and to preserve the marsh between her modest home and the beach to be a wise decision. Of course, because she was a quiet and understated woman we had no idea that much of the marsh and the adjoining wood belonged to her, purchased a postage stamp piece at a time over a long and interesting lifetime.

I’m sure, if she were still with us to comment, that she would say that it was just to preserve the view, and the view from the kitchen window was inspiring. And, more to the point, is still inspiring. She gave the land to the preservation society. For which we should all be grateful.

Thank you Aunt Mable, and your dear friend Liz. Without you I would not be seaborne.


(an aside)