Broken Edson Throttle Lever

Broken Again

In general the Edson Marine Pedestals are good quality pieces of gear, that being said the throttle lever on the older models is nothing but trouble, they break, or go stiff, or in my case snap the retaining bolt usually at the worst possible moment. Think sticky accelerator in a car with no brakes. It’s broken again.

This time it was the retaining bolt. We just took the handle off and replaced it with a vice-grips (flipping the shift lever so it wouldn’t interfere. If the wrench had been a touch longer it would not have worked so well.

At any rate, we are here in Elizabeth City NC waiting for Monday so we can find Shane new contacts or an affordable set of glasses. It would be good if one of us can see. So I decided to attack the broken off bolt

Broken off below flush

Both ends of the bolt were below the surface of the throttle control shaft which prohibits the use of vice grips or a hammer and chisel. Keep in mind that both parts are good quality stainless steel, which is less than fun to work with given the limited tools that I carry.

However, since I stay up nights worrying, I purchased a little tool set called Grabit Pro. I had thought that it was a Toolguyd┬árecommendation, but I couldn’t find the tool on his website. It is very much something he would recommend.

Grabit Pro

Grabit Pro for broken bolts

The Grabit Pro by Alden is a set of four bits specifically designed to remove broken off bolts. One end is a drill bit that is designed not to skate on the broken off bolt. The other end is something that looks vaguely like a tap for cutting threads, if taps were conical. Both ends of this tool are designed to work in the reverse direction. (Some folks have the bolt come out while they are drilling it out.)

No such luck for me. I had to use the big version of the tool to create a spot in the center that I drill with one of the smaller tools. The anti-skate feature is good but not perfect. Once I had the hole drilled (and the bolt did back out a turn in the process, not enough to grab though) I flipped the bit around and the other end spun the bolt right out of the hole.

Restrained Rave

It’s a wonderful little tool. I am not convinced it would work this well with something frozen with rust, but for this application it saved hours and much pain. Thank you Alden for a great little tool.

We now have a throttle lever that is as designed, on to the next thing on my list.

(I think I would have been an easier kid if I had a boat … so much to keep you busy … now back to working on the novel)