Boat in Bedroom Assembled

Boat in Bedroom – Trial Assembly

The Boat in Bedroom saga continues. After cutting the little boat in two, not quite half, I cleaned up the edges of the cut, trial fit the gasket, and put her together.

It’s no surprise that she fit together, though pleasing. The structural work is almost complete. I have a couple of wooden cleats I need to glue in and the floatation to build. Then, once the seats are bolted in place, she will be structurally complete.

I am particularly pleased with how easy she is to assembly, though I suspect that it will be a little harder with the seats in place. I imagine that it will take some practice to get the hand screws started as is four of them are below the seat. With that in mind it appears that bolting down the two that are easy to get to first seems to work

Ahead for ourĀ Boat in Bedroom

Sanding, lots of sanding, and finishing (with sanding as part of that too), and hardware attachment.

Also I have to purchase some rigid foam board to construct the two floats. These floats go under the for and aft seats and make this little craft positively buoyant, a good thing in a boat once she is no longer a boat in bedroom.

And it is probably time to start thinking of paint color, and name.