2015 Nor’Easter – Before and After

Before and After pictures

Before and after pictures of shorefront from NOAA. The pictures. The after pictures show snow on the ground, so I have to assume that where there is no snow there was running water deep enough or warm enough to remove the snow. The After pictures are a little scary, and a good reminder of the power of wind driven water. Something we should respect.

 Quiet Preservation

The After pictures once again reveal my Great Aunt’s decision to build well back from the shore, and to preserve the marsh between her modest home and the beach to be a wise decision. Of course, because she was a quiet and understated woman we had no idea that much of the marsh and the adjoining wood belonged to her, purchased a postage stamp piece at a time over a long and interesting lifetime.

I’m sure, if she were still with us to comment, that she would say that it was just to preserve the view, and the view from the kitchen window was inspiring. And, more to the point, is still inspiring. She gave the land to the preservation society. For which we should all be grateful.

Thank you Aunt Mable, and your dear friend Liz. Without you I would not be seaborne.


(an aside)